Pet Diagnostics Services in Palos Heights: Veterinarian Gives Dog Ultrasound

Cat & Dog Ultrasound & X-Ray in Palos Heights, IL

For your convenience, Palos Animal Hospital in Palos Heights is a full-service pet hospital that’s equipped with several in-house capabilities, including internal diagnostics. A diagnostic exam is usually recommended when the results of a physical wellness exam indicate signs that a health problem may be present. Because our diagnostic services are available in-house, such as cat and dog ultrasounds and x-rays, we can have most results available on the same day of testing. Our in-house pet diagnostics services include:

Digital Radiography

This diagnostic tool is used to safely examine the bones, lungs, abdomen, mouth (teeth and gums), and other areas of the body. X-rays can detect fractures, foreign bodies, and a number of other conditions. When compared to film radiography, digital radiography images are much more clear, take less time to produce, and require significantly less radiation, making them a safer choice for pets. The images can also be shared digitally via email if necessary.


Our ultrasound unit is used to safely examine the abdomen (urinary bladder) in real time using sound waves, just like human ultrasound technology. Ultrasounds can be used to detect pregnancy, tumors, abdominal fluid, and other conditions and can be used in conjunction with digital radiography.

Video Otoscopy

An otoscopy involves using a tool known as an otoscope that has a tiny camera on the end known to evaluate the structures deep inside the ear canal. The otoscope (camera) is placed in the ear, and the image is projected onto a television screen. This allows our doctors the best possible view of hard-to-see areas of the canal. While examining the ear canal, wax, foreign bodies, or other masses can be removed.

Electrocardiography (ECG)

We routinely perform electrocardiograms to check the electrical activity of a pet’s heart. We can also send these ECGs to a cardiologist for review. For echocardiograms, we rely on the expertise of a board-certified veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Dana Buschio, who can perform echocardiograms here at Palos Animal Hospital by appointment only. An echocardiogram is a separate ancillary diagnostic ultrasound exam used to examine the structure of the heart to identify abnormalities and provide the severity level of heart disease to make a prognosis. Typically, during the echocardiogram, Dr. Buschio also runs an ECG and Doppler blood flow analysis as part of the evaluation.

Please feel free to contact us at 708-448-6600 if you have questions about our in-house diagnostic pet services or if you’d like to schedule an appointment for your four-legged friend.