Veterinary In-House Laboratory Services in Palos Heights, IL

For your convenience, Palos Animal Hospital maintains a full in-house laboratory in Palos Heights, where we perform a number of diagnostic tests, including serum chemistry and hematology (blood testing), urinalyses, and parasite testing (fecal exam). We also partner with outside veterinary laboratories and universities for specialized diagnostic tests and consultations. These tests are typically recommended if there are any abnormal conditions noticed during the physical wellness exam.

Benefits of Laboratory Testing

The results of a laboratory test help us to make a more accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition and develop a treatment plan if necessary. They also aid in the early detection of diseases and serve as a baseline for future exams as your pet ages. The sooner we detect a health problem, the sooner we can treat it, and the greater the chances of success. Because of our in-house diagnostic capabilities, some test results can be made available the same day. Some of the conditions that in-house laboratory testing enables us to detect include:

Veterinary Laboratory Services in Palos Heights, IL

  • Heartworm disease (blood test)
  • Diabetes
  • Lyme disease
  • Ehrlichia
  • Infections
  • Feline leukemia
  • Intestinal parasites

If you’ve noticed any unusual behaviors or physical signs in your pet lately, schedule an exam at Palos Animal Hospital. We can then determine if laboratory work is necessary, depending on the results of the physical exam.