Keep Your Pets Safe from Autumn Dangers

The autumn season is here. The cooler temperatures bring welcome relief from the summer heat and the leaves of trees create a magnificent display as they abandon their green for reds, oranges and golds. However, despite all the pleasantries of fall, some dangers still lurk for our pets.

Fall Pet Safety Tips

Keep these tips for fall pet safety in mind as you enjoy the cooler days of the season:

  • Keep antifreeze away from your pets. Fall is a perfect time to refill your car’s antifreeze in preparation for winter, but this substance is lethal for your pets. Make sure the container is well out of reach and that any spills or leaks are cleaned up immediately.
  • Don’t fall back on pest prevention. The cooler weather doesn’t necessarily mean fewer pests. Ticks especially are still at large, so don’t skimp out on your pet’s pest prevention: keep it up all year round!
  • Beware of rodent poisons. The use of rodenticides increases in the fall as the cooler weather drives rats, mice, and other small rodents to seek shelter indoors. If you have to use these products, make sure you pet has zero access to them.
  • While the leaves are slowly changing color and falling, mushrooms are springing up everywhere. While most mushrooms are harmless, the small amount that are toxic are very dangerously so. Keep your pet from munching on these fungi at all costs.
  • Back-to-school season means a lot of school materials being gathered for the year. Pens and pencils, glue, rulers, etc. are not necessarily toxic to your pet, but can cause severe issues if chewed up and ingested.
  • Take note of wildlife in your area. Autumn is a time for snakes to prepare for hibernation, which means they are out in the open more frequently. Keep this in mind on your daily walks, especially in forested areas, and always be aware of your area’s particular species of wildlife and if there’s anything particularly nasty to watch out for.
  • Let it grow. While summer was a great time to keep your pet’s coat nice and neat and trimmed, now is the time to let it all grow out. They’ll need to extra insulation for cooler weather ahead!

If you have any questions about fall pet safety or are looking for more tips, please contact us today at (708) 448-6600. We’ll be happy to help!