Veterinarians near Crestwood, IL

Personalized Pet Care from Our Crestwood, IL Area Vets

If you live in the Crestwood area and your pet needs medical attention, bring them to Palos Animal Hospital. Our Crestwood area vets help out dogs and cats regularly, providing them with care that’s tailored to their personal needs. Whether they’re here for a checkup or surgery, you can be sure that they’re in good hands with us. Our Crestwood area vets understand the bond owners have with their dogs and cats and pay attention to every one of the concerns you have for them. We hope your time at Palos Animal Hospital will further strengthen this bond for a lifetime. Come and see us soon!

Our Veterinary Services

At Palos Animal Hospital, our Crestwood area vets provide the following services:

  • Pet wellness, which includes annual physical exams, vaccinations, and discussions about parasite control and preventive medicines (These vary depending on the age and health of your pet.)
  • In-house diagnostics, including digital x-rays, ultrasounds, video otoscopy and electrocardiography to monitor your pet’s heart (We have an in-house laboratory as well for blood work.)
  • Pet surgery, where we perform various soft tissue procedures for both dogs and cats (The hospital has a traveling veterinary surgeon available for orthopedic and other complicated procedures.)
  • Pet dentistry, which involves cleaning and examining teeth, as well as checking for gum disease and encouraging dental care at home
  • Chiropractic care for dogs and cats, where we adjust their joints for better alignment and help improve arthritic and other conditions
  • Pet acupuncture, involving the use of needles in affected areas to help with painful chronic conditions your furry friend has
  • An in-house pharmacy filled with everything your pet needs to live a healthy life
  • Pet grooming, for dogs and cats that would like to get beautified

Palos Animal Hospital also provides a safe place for pets to stay while their owners are on a trip in the form of boarding. Dogs and cats stay in separate rooms and are provided with plenty of food, water, entertainment, and love. Both patients and non-patients of our hospital can come in for boarding, but we ask for proof of vaccinations and a recent wellness exam.

If you’re in the Crestwood area and want to bring your pet to Palos Animal Hospital, contact us at (708) 448-6600.